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Captaiins & Bar Owners Meeting
July 31, 2019 @6:30 Bobbie Jo's
August 14, 2019 Cut off to add teams
August 21, 2019 Start of season

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Rescheduled Matches

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Excellent pool video
...if it works.... https://youtu.be/qzjousgGLjU?t=1s

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------------------- Weekly-tournaments in the Valley ------------------------

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Monday 8-ball Tournament @ Eldorado
Starts at 7:00pm. SHARP!! Double-Elimination VNEA Rules. $5.00 entry fee. Charles Means 304-419-4803

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Monday 8-ball Tournament @ Billy Boys
Starts at 8:30pm Double-Elimination BCA Rules. $10 for men & $5.00 for women

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Tuesday 8-ball Tournament @ Barneys
Starts at 8:00pm. Double-Elimination Straight Pool Rules played on 2 diamond tables 7ft & 8ft. $5.00 entry fee.
304 720-4400

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Wednesday 8-ball Tournament @ Bobbi Jo's
Starts at 7:00pm SHARP!!! Double-Elimination. KVPPA Rules. $7.00 Entry. Starting May 22nd our tournaments will be $7 with the extra $2 going towards a progressive pot for a tournament at the end of the season. To make the finals you have to win a tournament or finish 2nd to someone that’s already on the board and must play in at least 3 tournaments prior to the finals. Starts exactly at 7pm (call ahead if you’re coming but not by 7). August 14th will be the champions tournament.

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Thursday 8-ball Tournament @ Sandys
Starts at 7:00pm Double-Elimination. Straight 8 Rules. $5.00 Entry

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Friday 8-ball Tournament @ 21 Pool Room
Starts at 8:00PM. ISH!!! Calcutta. Double Elimination with race to two in the winners bracket and two in the losers bracket. BCA rules. $13.00 Mens Entry & $10.00 Womens.

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Saturday 8-ball Tournament @ Bucks
Starts at 6:00-6:30pm. Double-Elimination Straight 8 Rules. $10.00 entry fee. Dennis Fore

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Saturday 8-ball Tournament @ Dales
Starts at 8:00 PM sharp; $5.00 per person; Double elimination; KVPPA Rules

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Sunday 8-ball Scotch Doubles @ Bobbie Jo's
Signup @ 3:00, Starts @ 4:00, Straight Eight Rules, Random Pairings, Double Elimination
Jan 27th
Feb 10th
Feb 24th

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Sunday 8-ball Tournament @ Raw Bar 2
Starts at 8:00pm. ...ish!! Double-Elimination BCA Rules. $10.00 entry fee. Calcutta.

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------------------- Monthly-tournaments in the area ------------------------

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9 Ball King of the Hill @ 21 Pool Room
WHEN: Normally first saturday of each month. Sign Up 2:00PM Calcutta 3:00-3:30 Start immediately after Calcutta. BCA rules, No 3 foul rule. $35.00 Entry. All tables remain open until the end of the tournament. 304-346-9880

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8 ball tourney @ Swamp Fox
WHEN: Every First saturday of each month. Sign Up 2:00 PM Start 3:00 PM. KVPPA rules. Race 2/1 Double Elimination. $10.00 entry

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8 ball tourney @ Swamp Fox July 21st
WHEN: Every Third saturday of each month. Sign Up 2:30PM Calcutta 3:00-3:30 Start immediately after Calcutta. BCA rules. Race 4/3 Double Elimination. $20.00 entry
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