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April 16th Scotch Doubles at 21 Pool Room
Start 7-8 ish. Bring your own partner, One Male and one Female. BCA rules Race to 2 in winners and 1 in losers. $5.00 per person

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September 6,2014 Picnic at Little Creek Park
Starts at 1:00pm. Area 12 Same as past several years.

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------------------- Weekly-tournaments in the Valley ------------------------

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Monday 8-ball Tournament @ Eldorado
Starts at 7:00pm. SHARP!! Double-Elimination VNEA Rules. $5.00 entry fee. Charles Means 304-419-4803

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Friday 8-ball Tournament @ 21 Pool Room ----- 8:00PM start
The start time for Friday Pool Tournament will be 8:00PM. Double Elimination with race to two in the winners bracket and one and out in the losers bracket, Finals winners go to 2 and losers go to 3. BCA rules. $10.00 Mens Entry & $5.00 Womens Entry when in mens bracket otherwise $10.00 womens only 304-346-9880

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Saturday 8-ball Tournament @ Bucks
Starts at 6:00pm. Double-Elimination Straight Pool. $10.00 entry fee. Dennis Fore 304-419-3103

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Sunday 8-ball Tournament @ Charleston Moose
Starts at 4:00pm. Double-Elimination Straight Pool. $5.00 entry fee.
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